Management Team

We have the following four persons at the helm who act as directors as well as Operations officers.

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Vijayan Bhaskaran Pillai Managing Director/Chief Operations Officer
2 Viji Vijayan Pillai Director – Finance
3 Vijesh Vijayan Pillai Director – Procurement
4 Abhishek Nair Director - Operations

Mr.Vijayan Bhaskaran Pillai is the Chief Operation Officer. He is a Diploma holder in the preferred field with high level of technical knowledge. Mr.Vijayan Pillai being the whole and sole of the establishment is the ultimate reporting centre of the company.

Mrs.Viji Vijayan Pillai, daughter of Mr.Vijayan Pillai is looking after the entire finance based activities. She is an engineering graduate and pursuing for MBA in Financial Management and she is heading the Finance & Accounts Department of our Company.

Mr.Vijesh Vijayan Pillai, son of Mr.Vijayan Pillai has completed his graduation in Interior Designing from an Australian affiliated institute. He has started involving recently in the Contract and Procurement related activities of the company and manages the entire Procurement and Project Departments of the Company. He is well conversant with the technical and engineering aspects.

Mr.Abhishek Nair, son-in-law of Mr.Vijayan Pillai has completed his MBA from UK and recently joined in the Operations section. He is well conversant in the Project and Office administration field and looking after the entire operations of the company in whole.

We have highly qualified personnel to manage all the departments’ viz. Project management, Project Designing, Project Finance & Accounts, Personnel Department, Material Procurement, Project Engineering, Housekeeping, and Officer Administration etc.

We value our skilled labor strength. We have ample labor strength that performs the job works with high level of loyalty and sincerity.